While writing the lyrics for the album, I was extensively listening to a lot of grunge, namely Alice In Chains and Nirvana. The inspiration from each can be heard in the drop C# tuning that became a common tuning in recording sessions(a common tuning with Alice In Chains) and the heavy amounts of punky power chords(a Nirvana staple). A lot of the album was recorded pre-March as I was suffering through a week of depression. I didn’t want to play my guitar, didn’t want to watch tv, didn’t want to listen to music, I just wanted to lay in that bed and not leave. About a week later, I was back to my usual self, but I had like an additional 80 documents in my phone. For the most part, I remember writing these sets of lyrics to later become “Goin’ Down;” but now a month since it’s release and I still don’t remember writing “Man in the Mirror.” In March, I realized the album was too depressing and wanted to add a little bit of joy to it, and got to work on what would become “Kiss From Heaven.” The lyrics were meant initially as a joke that there are few songs about people with green eyes, but after the rewrite, it was so good, we felt we had a better song as a ballad than as a joke. With the instrumentals on it, I still wanted to add one more to close it out as the album began. We ended up settling on “Alone.” This was a song over 2 years old I had been working off and on with. The main riff had sort of built a cool melody idea in my head, and the lyrics just worked; lyrics I almost threw out because I didn’t have anything they would work with.

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